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    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Professional Cleaning Of Hardwood Floors

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    Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    There exist many different kinds of flooring, and each of them needs proper care and maintenance when handling. Among them, clients consider hardwood as the most popular. The reason behind this is due to its durability and that it requires easy maintenance as compared to other types of flooring like travertine, marble, and concrete. Yet, hardwood floor cleaning is essential for it to keep looking great.

    Cleaning hardwood floors is one of the best ways of keeping your home clean and tidy. Cleaning should be done carefully with the right equipment or material so as not to damage the flooring. Consider using a soft and dry cloth, vacuum or dry mop, the correct dish soap and little amount of clean water. Materials such as steel wool and dangerous chemicals should not be used when cleaning the floor.

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

    1. Water Stains

    These are very common and needs a fraction of time to clean. After the stains have formed, you should leave them for about two to three days for them to dry out completely so that cleaning can be easier. Ensure to have a warm iron and a dry washcloth. Cover the stain entirely with the cloth. Next, place the iron and run it consistently over the fabric for a few minutes. The method described should remove the stain. If the mark doesn’t get away, use lemon water and a strong cloth such as that made of microfiber. Soak the fabric in lemon water and rub the area containing the stain thoroughly. Using this method should get the stain out.

    2. Pet Stains

    These kinds of stains are common to almost everyone who owns pets. The stains should be removed immediately. To do this, you need a solution of about 80% water and 20% vinegar. Mop up the area using this solution to get rid of both the stain and smell.

    3. Paint and Polish

    You need to be careful when removing these kinds of stains on wood so as not to destroy the finish. While wet, pour some alcohol on the area covered with the polish or paint. This is necessary to dilute the stains to make them less powerful and also non-sticky. Next, wipe the area with a dry cloth to remove the paint or polish. If need be, use a wet towel to completely erase the area clean. When dry, use ice cubes to make the stains brittle and then proceed to remove the stains using alcohol.

    4. Sticky Messes

    These are also common to every homeowner. To remove them, you need to use some types of oil such as vegetable or olive. Cover the stain with the oil and allow it to settle for about 5 to 10 minutes. Wipe the area with a dry cloth and then use a wet mop to clean the place thoroughly.


    When cleaning your hardwood flooring, avoid using too much soap especially those that bring odor to your home or those made of chemical substances. Moreover, a lot of water is not suitable for your wood flooring. This may damage the floor a great deal over time. Carpet Cleaner Tallahassee are hardwood floor cleaning expert who are ready to help you.

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